As a subscriber to my blog, you were probably in shock to see so many recipes posted by me in one day! Whew! It was quite a challenge! Ever since last fall I’ve wanted to collect and share some of my ideas and resources for having a meaningful Thanksgiving. And finally I’ve gotten things assembled so you can have all the resources in one place. Check out my new Holiday page called Celebrating Thanksgiving and get inspired!

By the way, if you check out my Thanksgiving recipes you’ll get the scoop about brining turkey breasts or a whole turkey so you don’t have meat that’s “vewy, vewy dry”!

These resources will be especially helpful to you-I hope--if you live outside of North America. There are printable placecards, coloring pages for kids, a Short History about Thanksgiving, and more!

On a different note, last week I had to change over to a new server and I’m still working out some of the bugs. If you find broken links, or weird fonts, please write to me or please write a comment below the page with the error. Thanks for your encouragement and help in making Ciao from Debbie a better site!

Happy Thanksgiving!




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