Window shopping in Italy is such fun! This past weekend we went with a group of Italian friends to the Lake Como area. (No, we did not see George Cloony’s house though we drove through Laglio where it is located…) During one of our strolls, I saw these lovely packaged Easter breads, and insisted my Good Husband take some photos for you…

Each one is lovelier than the next…

…with soft pastel colors…

…and spring flowers gracing their tops…

Inside these lovely packages are the traditional Easter breads called Colomba Pasquale. Can you guess what it is shaped like?

The word “colomba” literally means “dove” and is supposedly shaped like a flying dove. I’ll admit that I have a hard time seeing a flying dove when I look at it…but then again, when I think about shaping a yeast dough to look like much of anything distinguishable, I marvel that anyone even tries to make it look like a dove! The Colomba is very similar to the more-familiar Panettone which even a lot of Americans enjoy at Christmas. With a high egg and butter content-which we don’t even like to think about, much less talk about-this sweet bread is a lovely soft yellow. And while Panettone can be found in every conceivable flavor, from Limoncello to chocolate, the Colomba is more traditional and generally only has almonds and sugar on top. We usually enjoy one or two Colomba for breakfast during the Easter season…and then I just enjoy looking at their lovely presentations in the bakery windows. In fact, sometimes I just want to buy one for it’s loveliness.

Happy Easter!





  1. 4-4-2021

    Debbie….thanks so much for giving us a taste of Italy. How fun. I am sure you enjoyed your time in the Lake Como area. I am sure the bakeries love it when you ask if you can take pictures. What a compliment. Enjoy your Colomba on Sunday.
    Blessings to you

  2. 4-11-2020

    the Easter Bread packages are so attractive…We do bake a German Paska, ice and decorate it, or just spread the slices with whipping cream.
    It is enjoyed by all…
    Wish I could have tasted yours…looked great.
    Have a happy Easter..

  3. 6-12-2020

    I love it there by Lake Como. It is so beautiful.

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