Fall is harvest time in Italy…and the grapes are ready to harvest!

In fact, Enrico, who runs the Rovero Winery south of Torino told me that the harvest began in mid-August, earlier than usual due to warmer weather conditions. I visited the winery this past weekend as part of A Taste of Italy cooking and tasting adventure with these four lovely ladies…

What an interesting, international experience we had! The girls all currently live in Geneva, Switzerland, work for four different firms, and come from four different places: Scotland, Germany, England and New Zealand. Fortunately they all speak English! We were busy seeing the sights in Torino, cooking in my kitchen, and sampling foods and wines in the area.

My good husband had hand surgery on Friday, the day they arrived, so he didn’t capture the weekend on film as he usually does, but he came with us to the winery…so let me show you a bit of our tour with Enrico.

We strolled in the Rovero vineyards, learning the various steps in the wine-making process…

No more foot-stomping on grapes…a machine now separates the fruit from the vines…

Then the grapes are condensed in these stainless steel vats…a process that takes several weeks.

Some wines are then bottled…but many are then stored for varying amounts of time in wooden kegs, before being bottled. After our hour and a half tour (it takes a long time to make wine!) we were invited to…

…try some samples!

Rovero makes red wines, white wines, sweet wines, dry wines, and lots of Grappa…something for everyone!

Next we sat down to enjoy a leisurely, six-course dinner…with Enrico bringing us wines for each course which paired with the range of delicacies…appetizers, homemade pastas, roasted rabbit and pork, panna cotta…and lots more!

So, we all got  A Taste of Italy…the culture, the food, the sights of Torino…I’m ready to do it again! Who wants to join me?



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