Since starting A Taste of Italy in 2010, I’ve loved hosting small groups of women here in the Torino area. Each group has been so much fun, but I knew it was only a matter of time before some wife talked her husband into coming to Italy for a weekend of sightseeing and cooking. So congratulations to Michelle and Luciana…

…for being the first women to convince their husbands that they would have a great time at A Taste of Italy weekend! We had a terrific time together this past weekend! We cooked a lot. We ate a lot. We saw a lot. We laughed a lot. And I think we’d all do it again in a skinny minute!

And I love how international A Taste of Italy is!  Where else would you find two South Africans (Michelle and Allen) with two Brazilians (Luciana and Sergio) coming down from Geneva, Switzerland, for a weekend with an American couple living in Italy?

We got acquainted over lunch on Friday, before they visited the Sacra di San Michele, a majestic monastery set in a mountain near our home…

The Sacra di San Michele as seen from Avigliana

When they returned from the monastery, we got busy making supper together…

Everyone made their own batch of fresh pasta

…and rolled it out…

The girls had great fun taking photos of their guys in the kitchen!

We enjoyed dinner together, getting acquainted around the table, before they headed to their hotel and I headed into the kitchen to load the dishwasher a few times!

We spent most of Saturday in Torino, stopping for coffee in a caffe…

…and visiting some of my favorite places in the city…

…before sitting down to a selection of fresh pastas at Pastificio Defilippis

When we returned to Avigliana, I gave them a bit of a break before we started making dinner…



We had quite the flurry of activity as we made Couscous Patties, Lentils with Lemon and Parsley, Olive Tapenade, Roasted Peppers with Feta, and two types of cookies for dessert,-Italian Biscotti and Coconut Macaroons. Around the dinner table we had the chance to critique each dish, savor our favorites, and share our stories. For My Good Husband and I, it was like having our kids around!

The next day we traveled to the Asti region south of Torino for a tour of Il Milin, a family-owned winery which has been operated by the family for five generations! Il Milin is a lovely spot, particularly in the spring when the young vines are beginning to grow and the flowers are in bloom.

Enrico gave us the complete tour, taking us into each area of the winery as he explained the wine-making process…

At the end of the tour, we were seated in the dining room where we spent the next several hours, sampling a wide range of Italian dishes…

Thanks, Michelle and Luciana, for convincing Allen and Sergio to join you for A Taste of Italy! My Good Husband hopes you can convince some of your friends to do the same! It was so much fun cooking together, and showing you some of my favorite places in Italy!





  1. 5-24-2012

    Wow, that did look like great fun! Pictures make it come alive, but you must get photographer Larry in a few next time.

  2. 5-26-2012

    Thanks Debbie for the wonderful blog about our lovely weekend with you!

    • 5-26-2012

      The pleasure was ALL mine! I hope you can come again!

  3. 5-27-2012

    I loved reading this! I do hope we can come visit you soon-Dale is doing great! Back to work this coming Tuesday!

    • 5-28-2012

      That would be great to have you come over! Glad Dale’s doing better!

  4. 6-5-2021

    Debbie, thanks for the lovely weekend. Luciana and I loved it!

    • 6-5-2021

      It was great having all of you! Larry, especially, enjoying having some guys this time!

  5. 8-31-2012

    Dear Debbie
    I was thinking about what to make for lunch and dinner this weekend and your website was the first one I visited!
    And of course, had to stop by this page! We had so much fun!
    Loved the updated website, by the way!
    We are doing great in the USA. I started Culinary School a few weeks ago!
    Hope all is great over there! Wish all the best for you and Larry!

    • 9-1-2021

      I’m so excited to hear you’re starting Culinary School! So many great memories of our time together! Larry and I have been in the States for the summer but are flying back, via Geneva, on Tues.

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