The flu, and then the holidays, have kept me from posting for several weeks. Perhaps you were so busy yourself that you hardly noticed I’d gone into hibernation! I was so disappointed that I was not able to my “end of the year” post about the darling gingerbread houses I made…

My Good Husband had even taken all of the photos of the process…

…rolling the dough…

…cutting the shapes…

…assembling the houses…

…and decorating them…

Alas, I got the flu for about ten days and so wasn’t able to share the recipe and patterns this year before our Christmas house guests arrived . But look at it this way: I’m already for next Christmas’ blog! And now, life is settling back into routine, and I’m so excited about passing along more recipes-with the photos that are worth a thousand words!

I love all things new, don’t you? While I do appreciate routine and traditions, there’s something about new, fresh beginnings. I can barely start a diet unless it’s a Monday, the start of a new week. And while I don’t write out any New Year’s Resolutions, there’s something about the new year that makes me want to start a diary (which I did this year), get back into a regular exercise routine (I hear P90X calling me!), and get back to healthy eating after the holidays. It was so much fun indulging in a Raclette (cheese) meal during the holidays, sharing Chocolate Covered Peanut Butter Balls and Fruitcake Cookies with our Christmas guests…but the new year is here and I’m ready to give all of that up for the healthy feeling I have when I’m eating our “normal” foods. (As I wrote last fall, we recently changed our eating habits for a healthier lifestyle.) The recipes I will be sharing this year-as I develop them or discover them-will:

  • be good and healthy-with a leaning toward vegan, though not completely, purely vegan
  • be lip-smackin’ delicious! Every one has to pass my taste test as well as My Good Husband’s
  • make your wallet happy! Economical living is a high value for me.

With 101 food blogs out there, do you ever wonder why I write one? Sometimes I wonder! If you like wholesome, healthy dishes that taste great, I’m writing for you! But down in my very core, the reason I write my blog is for those people who have moved away from the Land of Plenty (as I like to call the USA) and are struggling to adjust to cooking in their new country. Without butter that comes in easily measured sticks. Without Cream of Mushroom or Cream of Chicken or Cream of Whatever soup. Learning what to substitute for chocolate chips, or sour cream (as I have to here in Italy).  So if you know someone who has recently moved overseas, maybe you’d like to forward my blog to them-after you enjoy it yourself, since I’m writing for you too!

Thanks so much for joining me in my global kitchen! I love when you write a comment or two, especially after you’ve tried one of the recipes!

Ciao for now!



  1. 1-9-2020

    Darling gingerbread houses is right!

  2. 1-9-2020

    Forwarding this to my daughter-in-law for her sister to look you up. She is relocating abroad in the military (which must be somewhat different with living on a US Base, but hopefully she will enjoy reading you!). I was sad to read this morning about Larry’s dad’s death. You all are in our prayers.

    • 1-9-2020

      Thanks, Diane, for your condolences. As for your acquaintance in the military, I can assure you that being near a base makes the adjustment easier but my most recent Taste of Italy guests are serving with the civil service in Africa and they felt it was a huge adjustment cooking overseas, even with American products available. I hope she “comes by” for a visit on my blog!

  3. 1-9-2020

    I know your recipes taste good. That is why I like your blog. Thanks and Happy New Year!!!

  4. 1-12-2020

    Dear Debbie,
    I always look forward to your blogs and recipes.
    I too am interested in healthy eating and a healthy life style.
    I was so sorry to hear that you had had the flu for 10 days…your houses are awesome.
    I know that you are in the states at this attending to the passing of your father-in-law..
    My condolences to you dear friend.

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