I must have been born in a kitchen. (Was I, Mom?) I love to cook! Not just for cooking’s sake, but because I love sharing my dishes with others. With eager, young “chefs”, anxious to learn to cook…with curious Italian neighbors, who wonder how how I make cheesecake and zucchini bread…with family (yes, my kids love being in the kitchen!)…and with friends…as the saying above our table expresses, “The fondest memories are made around the table”…and with you, through this site. Here’s what’s available…

  • The recipe section. I start with flour, sugar, salt”¦the basics. No pre-made mixes. Just simple, from-scratch dishes you can make wherever you live. Oh, and while I do try to emphasize healthy eating, I don’t count calories or Weight Watcher points.

My good husband, Larry, taking photos in my kitchen.

  • My blog section, where I post step-by-step photos of a wide variety of these recipes. I pull my good husband, Larry, away from his computer once or twice a week to shoot photos of whatever we’re eating that day. His creativity brings color and beauty to my site. And he’s my primary taste-tester. If you don’t like a recipe, you’ll have to talk to him.
  • The Cookbooks section, which describes my cookbooks””and how to order them. What else can I say about them? I use them every day. They’re really my personal recipe box in book format.
  • I thoroughly enjoyed spending a weekend with guests while we lived in Italy-sampling the food, savoring the culture, and seeing the sights. We called it Taste of Italy section. Guests participate in two hands-on cooking classes, and together we explore this area of Italy. We have a great time! Though I no longer live in Italy, I’m happy to share my cooking expertise with you and a small group of friends.
  • If you’re feeling very focused, looking for something specific”, try typing something in the search box on the top right side of every page.
  • If you’re feeling very random, discover unexpected surprises by clicking on some of the tag words in the sidebar.
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So thanks for stopping by to visit in my kitchen! Stop by again soon, OK?