This saying, above our dining room table, is a great conversation starter, especially with Italians! Even those who speak English quite well don’t know what “fondest” means…and explaining it to them reminds me how really true this saying is for my Good Husband and I. We love to gather with friends and family around our table, especially on holidays. And while my website focuses on easy meals you can fix from scratch, those meals tie in so naturally with holidays that I’ve decided to add this new feature page to my site. As the years pass, I’ll add ideas and recipes that will help to make your holidays more meaningful, fun, and d0-able.


For several years we had the fun of introducing Italians to the American tradition of Thanksgiving.  Read my blog from November 2011 to see my menu and a few photos of our time together and see the variety of resources and recipes available here.


While many people celebrate Spring at Easter, with bunnies and eggs, my focus is on the true reason for the holiday-celebrating Jesus’ resurrection. But I don’t throw out Easter egg hunts and all the fun! Instead, I offer some ways to make it more meaningful.