Place cards dress up your Easter table and remind everyone that we’re celebrating Jesus’ resurrection!

  • They make it easier for you, the hostess, so that you don’t have to tell everyone at the last minute where to sit.
  • When someone sees a card with their name on it, they know they belong and know they have a “place at the table”
  • My place cards are designed to show the names on both sides of the folded card which makes it easier to see the cards from either side of the table
  • Having the name on both sides also helps people remember the name of the person across the table if your group includes people who don’t know each other well.

Click on graphic to enlarge

On the right is a sample of what the place cards look like. Each sheet will need to be cut into four cards; each will be folded in half.

The PDF files below include the overall place card layout, the graphics and Easter texts. You can print them off (on heavy paper, preferably cardstock) and then print in your guests’ names by hand.

A4 Place Cards PDF

Letter-size Place Cards PDF

The original files were created in Microsoft Publisher. However, WordPress does not allow me to upload Publisher files. If you have Publisher, and would prefer to type in your guests’ names before printing off the cards, write to me to ask for the files. Please specify if you would prefer A4-size or Letter-size.