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Around Our Table

Debbie and Larry Peck have combined their talents to provide a fresh, delightful cooking resource!  Take the guesswork out of what to serve to friends and family by following one of Debbie's 15 complete menus. Each recipe has been captured with full-color photos taken by Larry and Nathan. 

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O Taste & See Some More!

Thousands of copies of this book are being used around the world!  First published in 1997, O Taste & See was expanded in 2001  when 60 new recipes were added for a total of nearly 300 tried-and true recipes!  Want to see some sample recipes


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Ready-to-go menus!

The dishes in each menu of Around Our Table complement each other in every way. I've paired foods not only considering flavors but also cooking times. No more wondering what to serve with what!

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